BIGTREETECH TFT50 V3.0 Graphic Smart Display Controllers for Creality Ender 3,Compatible with UART Serial Screen and 12864 LCD Mode


  • 1. MCU: ARM 32 bit and 120MHz STM32F205/207VCT6 of Cortex-M3 series.
  • 2. More convenient operation: upgrading the firmware by SD card.
  • 3. Stronger compatibility: two working model, UART screen and screen of 12864 types.
  • 4. UART screen supporting SD card and U disk.
  • 5. Having WIFI port, plugging WIFI module can achieve WIFI function.

Product description

Appearance size: 149*77.5mm
Installation size: 141*69.5mm
More details from BTT TFT50 V3.0 -SIZE-TOP.pdf and BTT TFT50 V3.0 -SIZE-BOT.pdf documents
MCU: STM32F205/207VCT6
Screen display area: 110.88*62.832mm
Display resolution: 480(RGB)*272
Backlight: 12 white LED lights
Power input: DC 5V
Logic voltage of SD card: 3.3V and 5V (like: supporting motherboard with control chip MEGA2560, with stronger compatibility)
Please do not connect the wrong interface when wiring. You can get more detail from PIN document.
If you encounter other problems, please contact us. We will definitely answer your questions patiently. If you have any good suggestions on our products, please give us feedback. We will consider them seriously. Thank you for choosing BIGTREETECH products!

Dimensions: 14.98 x 7.75 x 1 cm; 230 Grams
Manufacture: BIGTREETECH
Reference: KINGPRINT-ZZB000422