Mobile Air Cooler Function 4 in 1- Cooling Evaporative air Conditioner/ Tower Fan/ Humidification/ Purification, Bladeless Design, 3 Modes + 3 Speeds, 3.5L Water Tank, Remote Control &1/2/4/8H Timer

SALE PRICE: £149.99

  • Function 3 IN 1: This air cooler adopts ice crystal refrigeration, air humidification and purification technology( outer filter+inner CeLdek water curtain design) which emits the water vapor to cool down the room temperature and removes the airborne particles up to 99.5%. Implement three uses of one machine to fight with the dry and hot summer.
  • 3 Modes and 40°Oscillation:Leafless air cooler comes with three modes and three speeds under each mode to meet different cooling needs day or night. The 40°oscillation increases the wind distribution range, avoiding the straight blowing to the same direction for a long time. Touch panel control or remote control at your choice.
  • Safe Bladeless Design: Unlike the traditional fan, the portable air cooler has the bladeless design thanks to the built in motor and fan blades, getting rid of all the shackles, safe and easy to clean. The round air outlet ensures the even and stable cool air to every corner of the room. The wind speed reaches to 10m/s at the highest speed.
  • Portable Large Water Tank: 3.5L water tank that can be used for 8-16 hours depends on different modes and speeds. Drawer-type design, easy to take out and clean. Two ice crystal boxes go with the evaporative air cooler for your convenience to make the blowing air more comfortable.
  • 8H Timer and Low Noise: 1H,2H,4H or 8H can be preset before going to sleep so as to avoid any getup if you feel cold. Taking the soundless motor into the air cooler, it only generates the sound as whisper as 38dB for peaceful/ non-interruptive use. Low energy cost 0.22kw/h and no chemical refrigerant or air conditioning compressor applied, eco-friendly.
Weight: ‎5.1 kg
Dimensions: ‎79 x 31 x 23 cm; 5.1 Kilograms
Model: ‎167067
Batteries Required: ‎No
Batteries Included: ‎No
Manufacture: ‎MNF-167067

Product Description





Smart Timer

Himylife air cooler provides a hour timing option, which brings coolness while controlling the cost of electricity; Using a high-power silent motor, the speed is higher, the wind is stronger, and the noise is as low as 40dB, you will get a cool and quiet sleep at night, without worrying about being awakened by heat.

3 Speed plus 3 Mode

Himylife evaporative air cooler provides 3 modes and 3 types to cool your space, it means that each mode provides 3 wind speeds, which is equivalent to 9 wind sensations, which can meet your needs in different time periods. it is the best choice for hot and dry summers, brings you ever cool feeling.

Automatic 40° Swing

The 45° swing angle, combined with the 360° air outlet, can quickly circulate the air in the entire room, cover a wider area, and have a softer sense of wind. It is suitable for practical use in any space, such as the atrium, living room, bedroom, kitchen, etc.




Bladeless design

The motor and fan blades are built inside the machine, no matter how you touch the outside, the fan cannot be touched, compared with traditional air cooler fans, it is safer, especially for children and pets, provides more stable and high-speed airflow, and is easy to clean.

Dual Control – Remote Control and Control Panel

The touch panel and remote control allow you to fully control the device, set the timing duration, select wind speed and mode, or other operations, whether it is next to the device or on a bed/sofa 6m away, easily controlled.

3.5L Large Water Tank

It can provide up to 16 hours of use after being filled to avoid the inconvenience caused by frequent water filling. The drawer-type water tank makes it easier to fill water, and the water tank is equipped with two ice-crystal boxes for easy replacement.


Technical Parameters

  • Water tank capacity: 3.5L
  • Noise: less than 40dB
  • Maximum wind speed: 10m/s
  • Wind speed: 3 speeds
  • Mode: normal, natural, sleep
  • Timing: 1, 2, 4, 8H
  • Power cord length: 1.5 m
  • Product size: 25.8*22*74cm

Himylife Evaporative Air Cooler 3 in 1

Bring unprecedented freshness!

The working principle of the air cooler is to evaporate the water to absorb heat and reduce the ambient air temperature. When it is working, the outside air enters the machine through the wet curtain with strong water absorption. After the water evaporates in the wet curtain, the heat is absorbed and finally the fan blows clean, cold wind.

1 1
H1901 Portable Air Cooler BFK1901R Evaporative Air Cooler
Size 22.8*13*13cm 25,8 * 22 * ​​74 cm
Weight 0.87KG 5KG
Water Tank 500ML 3.5L
Timer 2/4H 1/2/4/8H