EVA Alto one, The Quietest Air Purifier 16dB, True HEPA, Active Carbon – 30m2 Medium Room Coverage

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About this item

  • The Quietest – This is the quietest air purifier on the market, just 16dB and it comes with a two year unlimited product warranty
  • Low Carbon Footprint – Low power consumption, a long life filter and a unit that is built to last
  • High Density – EVA activated carbon filters are high density, making them up to 90% more efficient than other brands
  • Easy to Use – Clean air, no over the top fancy gadgets or complicated functions. Simply turn the power on, set the speed and sit back, relax
  • Fragrance – The Alto one will lock bad odours away forever and you can add a fragrance that will be circulated around your room automatically
Weight: 2.5 kg
Dimensions: 22.5 x 22.5 x 31 cm; 2.5 Kilograms
Brand: EVA Air Purifier

Product Description

EVA Alto one, the truly silent electric air purifier

Air is our Passion

EVA was created from a Swedish desire to bring clean air to the modern world. A group of highly specialised engineers work tirelessly to create inspired designs that have a low carbon footprint.

Breathe Easy

Imagine when deep, green forests covered the Earth. Imagine the air – still, like a quieting thought; magic for the body and soul. But today, whether outdoors or in our homes, the air we breathe is increasingly filled with pollutants. And that air can do us harm. Now imagine you could roll back the clock to a time before harmful airborne chemicals choked our streets and homes, when the countryside was free from pollen irritants caused by over-farming. Breathe easy, that time is now.

Your personal air quality guardian

Advanced Design, The Quietest Air Purifier Ever

Designed to Outperform Any Other Brand

The Alto one is the quietest air purifier on the market, producing just 16dB in silent mode. The included all in one filter will last for a whole year and EVA always keep replacement filters in stock. Also, the cost of new filters is fixed for at least five years after purchase, so no nasty unexpected cost increases when you need new filters. Buy an EVA air purifier and you will receive trouble free, clean air, for years to come.

The Easiest Purifier to Use

When all you want is clean air and a unit that will enhance the aesthetics of your room, the Alto one is the perfect choice. No over the top gadgets or complicated functions. Simply turn the power on, set the speed and sit back, relax.

Quality Brand, Fantastic Reputation

EVA have created a beautifully simple to use design, combined with cutting edge low power consumption and purification technology. Through this, they have gained a loyal following of environmentally conscious customers, all living the clean air lifestyle.


  • Ideal for a Medium Room
  • Max Coverage Area: 30m2
  • CADR: 140, Power: 28W
  • Silent Mode: 16dB
  • Functions: Replace Filter Indicator, Timer, Child Lock
  • Product Size: 22.5 x 22.5 x 31.0cm
  • Includes a One Year Filter Supply

Removal of pollen, allergens, pet dander, dust, hayfever particles, mites, smoke, mold and germs

Anti bacterial germ killing filter

Small size ideal for a table top, also features an aromatherapy function

Your Environment, Our Environment

Help protect our shared environment. Low power consumption and a long-life filter housed in an ultra-reliable unit. EVA purifiers are designed with our environment in mind so they have a low carbon footprint.

Protection Against Bad Bacteria

The Alto one has been designed with an all in one high density activated carbon, antibacterial and true HEPA filter. The special protective coating on the filter removes 99% of airborne bacteria within one hour, helping to keep you, your family and your work colleagues safe.

Enjoy Natural Fragrance

Nobody likes odour pollution caused by cooking, damp, dust, pets or cigarettes. With the Alto one, you can lock these odours away forever and add a fragrance that will be circulated around your room automatically. We recommend using a 100% natural fragrance such as lavender when going to bed, to aid a good night's sleep.

Smart protection for any medium size room such as a bedroom, office, nursery or kitchen

Quietly cleaning the air in your home

True HEPA and activated charcoal carbon filter to keep your home or office fresh

Allergy and Asthmatic Protection

Many modern industrial processes and materials can cause our immune systems to become over-sensitive. You can get your life back to normal if your affected by pollen, cat or dog hair, mould, dust mites or any other allergies. The Alto one constantly removes 99.97% of allergen risks, to reduce exposure for those in the room.

Pollution, a Thing of the Past

Open a door, window or use a gas cooker in your kitchen and your home can fill with pollution. Your EVA air purifier will remove these damaging particles to let you breathe easy.

High Density Activated Carbon Filters

EVA filters only use high density activated carbon, the material that is vital to ensuring the filters last a long time whilst always working at full capacity. This makes them up to 90% more efficient at removing VOC's and toxic gases such as those given off by cleaning products.

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Alto one Alto four Alto nine Alto infinity
Filter Supply Included 1 Year 2 Years 2 Years 2 Years
Coverage Medium Room Large Room Multi-Room Industrial / Entire Home
Coverage Area 30 m2 45 m2 66 m2 118 m2
Filtration Stages 3 Stage Integrated 3 Stage 4 Stage 4 Stage
Light Sensor
Ozone Safe UV
Temperature & Humidity Sensor