NETTA Ice Maker Machine for Home Use Makes Cubes in 10 Minutes | Large 12kg Capacity 1.8L Tank | No Plumbing Required | Includes Scooper and Removable Basket | Stainless Steel + Black: Kitchen & Home

SALE PRICE: £119.99

  • QUICK AND FRESH: This NETTA Ice Maker will make you all the ice you need, when you need it! With the ability to make fresh ice cubes in just 10 minutes, you’ll no longer find yourself having to run to the shop when you’re out of ice.
  • LARGE STORAGE: The huge 1.8L water tank allows you to make 1.8KG of ice cubes at a time, with the built-in light indicator telling you when to add more water or when the ice compartment is full. This machine has a daily production capacity of 12KG per day.
  • COMPACT SIZE: Designed with home in mind, this trendy ice maker will easily fit on a kitchen worktop with no issues. Just plug in, add water and wait for the ice to be made – no need for plumbing!
  • HANDY EXTRAS: A convenient viewing window allows you to check on the progress on your ice production as it’s being made. This ice maker also includes a removable ice basket and ice scoop to make your life easier and ensures you look the part whilst hosting friends and family.
  • DIMENSIONS: L31 x W23 x H32cm | WEIGHT: 7.5KG

Product Description

NETTA Ice Maker Machine Stainless Steel

Perfect for Home Use and Parties

This little ice maker is the perfect addition to any home, creating perfectly shaped ice cubes in only 10 minutes.

With automatic sensor indicators, a convenient viewing window and no plumbing needed, this ice maker is perfect for parties, picnics and more. Simply fill with water and return in 10 minutes!

Key features:

  • Large 12KG Capacity
  • Makes Ice Cubes in 10 Minutes
  • Includes Scooper and Removable Basket
  • No Plumbing Required
  • Low Noise Operation
  • Convenient Viewing Window

Ice In 10 Minutes

This mighty little machine can make you fresh ice in only 10 minutes.

Automatic Sensor Indicators

The indicators let you know exactly when to add more water, or when your ice maker is full, making it convenient and easy to use.

1.8L Tank Capacity

With a 1.8L capacity, this ice maker can make 1.8KG every time, meaning you will never run out of ice ever again.

Low Noise Operation

Made with home use in mind, this ice maker operates at a low volume without compromising on power.

0.8KG Basket and Scoop

Convenient Viewing Window

No Plumbing Required

Weight: 9.06 kg
Dimensions: 39.88 x 37.59 x 28.19 cm; 9.06 Kilograms
Brand: NETTA